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Monday, 18 October 2010 19:15
OFFICE….Picture shows the jubilant members after the launching of the P185 Batu Sapi Parliamentary Liaison Office in Taman Mawar Sibuga. Sabah DAP leaders present were YB Dr. Hiew King Cheu (sitted 3rd right), Edward Ewol Mujie (sitted 3rd left), Dr. Edwin Bosi (sitted 2nd left), Henry Mogindol (standing, left) and Geoge Hiew (sitted right).

SABAH DAP has seen a surge in the people’s interest in the party. As a national and multi-racial party, the support for DAP especially from the Malaysian Natives of Sabah has increased multi-fold. The monthly visit by DAP National leader Sdra Lim Kit Siang to Sabah and his genuine concern for the people of Sabah has touched many to join the party. 

DAP is the second largest political party in Malaysia with 29 members of Parliament and 72 State Assemblymen. DAP is the leading the Pakatan Rakyat government in Penang. It has been reported that Penang is now the best managed State. The State’s consolidated fund has grown to billions of ringgit in less than three years. In Penang, the guiding principle is competency, accountability and transparency or CAT.

Sabah DAP P185 Batu Sapi liaison office was launched by Sabah DAP Chief YB Dr. Hiew King Chief on 17th October 2010. The office is located at Taman Mawar in Sibuga opposite Tadika Tai Tong. In a short speech, YB Dr Hiew announced the appointment of George Hiew as the Batu Sapi Parliamentary Liaison Chief. He said the opening of this office is very timely and will serve as the operation room for the Batu Sapi by-election on 4th November 2010.

Present at the launching were Sabah DAP Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie, Sabah DAP Publicity Secretary Dr. Edwin Bosi, Sabah DAP Moyog Chief Henry Mogindol, Sabah DAP Batu Sapi Liaison chief-cum-Sabah DAP Sandakan Youth Chief George Hiew and his committee members.

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